Respect and Banter at Work

Type of service:

Learning & development


Best suited to face-to-face delivery; can be adapted for video style learning but less effective in this format

Who should attend?

Employees and managers who have been involved in inappropriate behaviour or banter at work; managers wanting to understand what respect and banter at work mean in practice


To develop understanding of diversity and inclusion issues at work particularly relating to unintentional harassment and banter with reference to relevant real life scenarios

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Selwyn was good, positive, knowledgeable, interactive and patient. The exercises relevant, practical and involved current / well known cases. Felt he engaged with the whole group.

What return can you expect on your investment?

  • Enhanced awareness of the legal and organisational standards of conduct and the role of the individual in maintaining these
  • Compliance with a key element of the "reasonable steps" defence to an allegation of discrimination