Employment Status and Why it Matters

Type of Service

Learning & development


Best suited to face to face training; can be adapted for remote learning

Who should attend?

HR professionals and in-house lawyers responsible for managing the risks of unexpected changes to employment status and the liabilities that arise from this


To develop understanding of the risks of blurring the boundaries between employees, workers and the self-employed - and how to minimise these risks in practice

Selwyn was really engaging and gauged levels of knowledge in the room to enable us either to move on or explore points in more detail

What return can you expect on your investment?

  • better understanding of how the tax analysis of employed / self employed differs from the employment analysis of employee / worker / self-employed - and why this matters
  • useful insights in to the consequences of high profile litigation relating to employment status featuring Uber, Deliveroo and other employers
  • steps to take in practice to minimise the risks of the people who work for your organisation moving unexpectedly between the categories of employment status