Advanced Inclusivity Training

Type of service:

Learning & development; can be delivered in combination with professional actors to bring scenarios to life and enable participants to explore how to deal with inclusivity issues


Best suited to face-to-face training; can also be adapted for remote delivery e.g. by video conference or Google Hangout

Who should attend?

Managers wanting to build on their existing knowledge of inclusive management practice; HR supporting managers on inclusivity issues


To raise awareness and enable more effective handling of inclusivity issues; often these relate to banter and workplace culture; making adjustments for disability; and responding to requests for flexible and agile working - but the content is tailored to the issues that arise in your workplace.

Contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

[Selwyn] was engaging, knowledgeable and welcomed challenge throughout. The material and content was informative and had been geared correctly for the audience.

What return can you expect on your investment?

  • Enhanced confidence to resolve workplace inclusivity issues early, saving time and expense of formal, more contentious procedures which are less likely to succeed
  • Ideas for how to promote inclusivity and retain staff